Reproduction Specialty Group, Inc. strives to provide its clients with professional services resulting in superior results. We work with clients one on one to tailor our services to their program’s needs. We want to help grow your program through every facet of production. Working with the global leaders in small ruminant reproduction, and being veterinary based, RSG has built an all-inclusive program model to help maximize production, centered on the four Cornerstones of Success. Our focus beings with Animal Health and Nutrition. Then we can look at the Genetics you need for improvement. Ultimately, we tailor our Breeding Services to meet your program needs. The RSG team can provide you with specific details about our building blocks for your success.

One of RSG’s “Cornerstones of Success”, RSG Nutrition, focuses on improving the animal’s biologic system functions. In an effort to provide optimum breeding potential, RSG Nutrition has developed a platform specifically built for small ruminants. Year-round attention needs to be paid to the quality of the micronutrients your animals receive. Quality chelated minerals are vital to maximize oocyte and sperm development besides connective tissues and other biological systems.

RSG Nutrition was created and is recommended by Dr. Tad Thompson for use in elite LAI and ET programs. To learn more about these products or to find a dealer near you we encourage you to explore our website, or call us at (765) 978-0301.

RSG Nutrition is a division of Reproduction Specialty Group, Inc. For information on Breeding Services, Genetics, Animal Health and RSG Sires visit reprospecialty.us.

Feed these products year-round with confidence for improving your breeding season success.