“We have been feeding the RSG Balancer SS pellet for 4 years in our ewe ration. During that time our flock health, body condition, and conception rates have improved dramatically! We have 100% confidence that RSG nutrition is a wise investment!”

Hobbs Show Lambs

We believe that the RSG nutritional products are just another step in trying to accomplish conception rates that make the whole A.I. process successful. The last thing that you want to cut cost on is nutrition when your trying to flush or A.I. your ewes. Semen can be expensive but if your ewes do not settle your A.I. bills look extremely out of proportion. If the ewes settle, it will make the nutritional expenses and A.I. process look cheap in the grand scheme of total expenses.”

Ellerbrock Club Lambs

“We started our donors and recips on RSG’s Breeder Balancer four years ago. We had dramatic improvements in not just our transferable embryo average, but also our embryo retention. We recommend RSG’s nutrition program to anyone considering or already flushing and A.I.’ing ewes.”

Burch Livestock

“Maximizing production and consistency in our embryo programs is something we are heavily focused on. Since the introduction of the RSG Breeder Pellet, we have seen a substantial jump in donor health/freshness, consumption and most importantly embryo quality. A quality embryo transfer program is an investment and the Breeder Pellet is an essential tool for us in ensuring the greatest return.”

Neff Livestock